I am starting to get really nervous and excited. Because I also have the luxury of designing my picture book (my publisher was actually happy that I could do that as well, and no, I an NOT self-publishing) and don’t worry – I am qualified! I just got my bar code and flap copy all laid out… fun fun. Scary. Real. Very cool. Now the sad part is I have to WAIT until Spring 2009 to see it in the stores. I am not very good at waiting, though I suppose I should have picked an alternate career if that was truly the case. Though I was really hoping I could show it off at some fall conferences.

Well, on to the next book!


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  1. From Lara McInnis (ignore the user name…this is my work blog email)Congrats on your first book, Peg! So happy for you, and I'll be sure to buy it once it comes out (even if I don't have kids, I'll still find kids who would love to read it!)

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