Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Pegasus Zoo


This job ranks as one of the best I have ever had… It was to promote Fraser Papers (now Smart papers) line of Pegasus Paper. It was black white stock – lovely stuff. Anyway, I did a 3-d Version of most of these animals that came together in a package – you punched them out and built yourself a little paper Zoo. You can see it at the Smith+Associates website – under branding I think? These images were to be used as part of the same promotion, and made into greeting cards, but the company got sold in the midst of this, I got paid but these dudes never saw the light of day… We won some awards for the 3D stuff – Applied Arts being one – very exciting! I just found the photos I took – will upload those soon.


Just one More Book Podcast


I mentioned earlier, that I now have an agent – well, I would not have this good fortune if not for the Eastern Canada chapter of SCBWI. We had an Agents Day in Ottawa on October 4th, where we met Rebecca Sherman and Kendra Marcus – Both incredible women – and supporters of children’s literature. Anyway, Kendra did my critique and Mark Blevis from interviewed us afterward. The podcast of this interview is going to be available tomorrow!

Buses and Pigeons.


Ok, so my three year old son, on our way to work this morning, recited as he was turning the pages, with all the same goofiness that I read it… Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, by Mo Willems. A personal hero of mine. And then he said… Lets read it a little LOUDER!!! You see, we’ve been singing Boom Chicka Boom on our drives these days – endless entertainment I’ll tell you. I laughed all the way in. I am interested to see what he says on the way home…