Happy New Year!


Yes folks, this is where I work. For now. We are in the process of beginning a renovation that could mean much more space for me and my work in our tiny home. This is so embarassing. But if it is out there – I am so much more likely to fix it!

Okay, so it is time for resolutions. Here are mine.
– get more sleep. right now I am averaging 5 hours a night. Not good for me or anybody else!
– get a studio space built and organized (see pictures – this I NEED) though I did clean my desk yesterday and I feel like a new woman… I can actually work.
– Finish the two books I am working on by next week – did I say that? Yep. And then on to the next ones…
– get that teaching job I have always dreamt about that has suddenly appeared
– get back into going to the gym, even if just for sanity’s sake
– laugh more
– give more
– worry less
– get my website up and running (and the other I am working on as well)
– buy less needless crap. Buy less period.
– eat more vegetarian fare
– pay attention

That’s it really. All things I have been striving to do anyway in my life, but we all need reminders once in awhile about what this stuff means to us.

Peace to you in 2009.


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  1. Great resolution list, I could almost make it my own! And Would it please you to know you aren't the only one who works on a small area, surrounded by clutter!

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