Monthly Archives: March 2009

A sad day and A new computer and a little bit of old work


Last night, my iMac G5 kicked the bucket. I was trashed, sad and mad… and it turns out it is the logic board, and since it is almost 5 years old anyway – not really worth fixing. I hate that we are like that, but when you need up-to-date technology to make a go of it, you just do. SO I am doingmy part for the economy and buying a new macbook pro 17″ laptop. Right now I am working on my 12″iBook that is almost 8 years old and still humming along quite well I might add! Though it has so little memory, I can’t add anything to it, but it is great in a pinch, and since I need to wait a week or so to get my new baby – this is great. So, while I am on my old computer, maybe I will post some of my old stuff – just for fun…


When we were walking down the road


I am doing my very first bookstore event this coming weekend. Today was my birthday and we decided to go to Belleville and toot around downtown for a bit, and we came to the bookstore – Greenley’s books On Front Street (best bookstore ever), and they were starting to put up a window display of my book (okay, so I knew they were there, and wanted to see, but absolutely did not expect this!) Here are some pics, I am so honoured, and so very glad I am working with these folks, they are warm, friendly – and BOY do they know books. No website that I could find though – bummer.

In Bookstores NOW!!


So exciting – In the Garden is now on store shelves… what a great feeling. I have also signed on with the Skype an Author Network – so I am able to do visits over the internet – technology is great, there are so many places I would like to go, but time and $$ can be limiting, so this should be a nice alternative for those schools and libraries who might be interested in talking with me – but can’t afford to bring me on-site. Contact me for details if you are interested please!

Sticking and Painting


This is so much fun – and SO very different for me.. but here we are. This is after a couple of hours of painting and experimenting. These are photos, not scans, so in actuality the images are a bit brighter, but hey – this shows what I am doing. This paper is so gorgeous, I am thrilled to be able to use it. This is the first time ever I’ve been excited to show a work in progress.

New Sketch for book set in the Gambia


I am working on a new book with one of my favourite authors to work with, and this book is a challenge – but a fun one. It is more research than I am used to, and a style I have always wanted to work in, but had not felt right up till this point. This is a very rough sketch of where I am going. Right now I am still working out the kinks, the characters and the setting, but I am excited… it is howeve, taking about 5 times longer than it usually takes me, but hopefully that will show in the end.