Tour Kick-off!


So, this morning I did my very first interactive play reading. That is what I am calling it anyway. Sixteen Kindergarten kids, and a whole lot of fun!

All the kids know me as Mowat’s mom, and when I told them I made books, they went crazy. As I read, they were so nuts about the pictures and the story I could not believe it. I thought I needed gimmicks, I thought they would be BORED. But they were not. It was the best. It is the reason I do what I do – I just did not know it.

They were engaged and curious, respectful and bright. And did I mention INTO it?

I made a felt board and all sorts of creatures and veggies etc for talking about the book and gardens in general. My plan for interaction. This is the part I need to sort-of rethink. They loved it, but it was a little haywire. Some kids are so good at waiting their turn and others want in right away… I am thinking we will talk about the stuff – silly and not, and then I will put it up and then afterwards they can play with it in smaller groups. I will post a picture, it actually turned out pretty well. In small groups it would be rocking.

Then we talked about seeds, and we planted some. It got pretty dirty. I really want to be able to send the kids home with a little seed in dirt, so have now come up with a plan to make it more accessible, less messy and still get the same results. One little guy was convinced his magic bean had already started to grow.

I love this part.


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