My Sisters


I have lots of ladies in my life, my good friends, my long time tent-
sisters and then my biological sisters. We've grown up now, and are
becoming much more like friends. I am so proud of them both. I am
writing, since it was just easter, and I am missing my baby sister
terribly (that's her – the gorgeous one in the middle).

She is working in Kenya with Free the Children
building schools and doing general good works. I know she is making
such a difference over there – she can't help it, no matter where she
goes that happens. But Africa is so far, and I just want to hug her.
At least now we can virtually hug, and skype from time to time.

Next year, I want to take my family over to do some building, and
experiencing things – so we don't get lost in this North American way
of life too much. Here is her blog –
There is much to learn and I can't wait to sit down with her for days
and hear all about it. Like I said, so proud, and miss her so much.


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