Monthly Archives: May 2009

some black at white stuff


Some pieces from the book Quiet Tessa, Scholastic 2007… I love black and white and don’t really do enough of it.


The End of the Dinosaurs


With all of the focus shifting to graphic novels (this is a graphic picture book I guess), I thought I would post one of my most fun books – written by Susan Hughes and published by Scholastic, here are some images from The End of the Dinosaurs – a comic strip. Narrated by a cockroach. I never realize how much character a cockroach could have, till I had to feature them in not one, but two books.

Front page news..


One of the things I love about living in Napanee is the newspapers.
Yep, there are two, and they are both good. Full of local content,
hiring young reporters and interested in people like me… this was on
following my reading and activities at the Napanee Public library in
April. However, there were way more than 30 people there that day….

blackfly in the eye and a banana in your ear!


What a busy weekend! We built gardens, played in the sand, built more
gardens, tried to go canoeing – too windy, went for a hike and ended
up with a blackfly in my eye… lovely. Did I mention I re-worked an
entire book dummy? With directions to play a little, play I did! I am
using a new technique – sort of. It is a combination of gouache, and
acrylic glazes. Inspired by my friend Christine Tripp (illustrator
extraordinare), i thought I would try out acrylics again. You see, i
do love them, but had only used them for my BIG paintings, and not for
any of my illustration work. I am finding that they lend even more
depth to my already bright colours and the ability to lay colour on
top of other colours is so appealing! And glazes – glazes are rocking
my world. I need to resist the urge to squish out a whole tube though,
since you need so little when you work this way…