blackfly in the eye and a banana in your ear!


What a busy weekend! We built gardens, played in the sand, built more
gardens, tried to go canoeing – too windy, went for a hike and ended
up with a blackfly in my eye… lovely. Did I mention I re-worked an
entire book dummy? With directions to play a little, play I did! I am
using a new technique – sort of. It is a combination of gouache, and
acrylic glazes. Inspired by my friend Christine Tripp (illustrator
extraordinare), i thought I would try out acrylics again. You see, i
do love them, but had only used them for my BIG paintings, and not for
any of my illustration work. I am finding that they lend even more
depth to my already bright colours and the ability to lay colour on
top of other colours is so appealing! And glazes – glazes are rocking
my world. I need to resist the urge to squish out a whole tube though,
since you need so little when you work this way…


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