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Felted Characters from In The Snow


So, I like to craft. I especially like to needlefelt. I find it relaxing, and it is something I can do that is creative that for me does not involve a lot of thinking once I know what I am doing… And, I also love to create things to take with me to book readings. The idea is to get the children to interact with my books in a tactile and fun way. For the young children this really seems to work. So, I give you Mowat and his GINORMOUS snowman…


The Avid Reader in Coburg

We launched In the Snow yesterday at the Avid Reader in Coburg… great store! Lovely location, very nice people – and we had a nice group of kids come out. I was actually surprised, as it was an absolutely gorgeous day and if I could have been outside I would have been!

Once again I have to say how much I love indie bookstores… the feel is so very different from the big boxed stores, intimate and warm. So I say – go to an indie bookstore for your  Christmas shopping, you will be glad you did. Otherwise these places will disappear, and that would be a real tragedy.

The felted snowman was fun, when the kids worked together it worked well, I always forget about that element – the not sharing part, and my son – MO, was the worst! Seems sharing mom at these things is not too much fun. The book was received well and then we went down to the fantastic coburg beach and got silly again. A much needed dose of fresh air after traveling and  reading before we got in the car again. Now, we just wait for the snow…

I will post pics of felty the snowman tonight as well.

Book reading this weekend in Coburg


This Sunday, November 15th – at the Avid Reader in Downtown Coburg. I
will be reading my books, we'll build some GINORMOUS snowmen (inside),
and get into the winter season with the kids. Bring your friends and

Also, on December 12 at 1:30pm at Baby, Bump and Beyond in downtown
Napanee, I will be doing the same…

More dates and details to come. I really hope to see you there.

Happy Halloween


Well, we did it – here is the white-wall tire costume requested of us
by our son. He is an original for sure, and we pulled it together, at
about 1230am on friday evening. Hope everyone had a safe and happy
halloween. We had lovely visits with our neighbours, a gorgeous moon
and sadly only 3 kids to our house.