Exciting news!


SO, I have just found out BOTH In the Garden and In the Snow are listed in the TOP books for 2010 by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre. This is a huge honour for me and I am so thrilled.

Things are so busy these days, with both kids home, visiting family, working into the wee hours of the morning – but it is also fulfilling. My wish is everyone could be so lucky – never a dull moment and lots of people to share those moments with. Z is sitting up and starting to crawl a bit, more of a slither – but she can move, Mo and I are finding our groove, slowly. Our renovations are looking awesome, Shawn has been working his butt off and it looks so great we may not want to leave here when he is done…

Spent the weekend with family and BABIES. I got to cuddle my wee niece – Clara, she is soo sweet, I got to meet my new nephew and spend time with my step sister and her super sweet daughter who entertained Mo the entire time they were there… got to see my cousin – who is also due very soon and we had a very matriarchal party with almost all the women in our family. It was great.


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