Metamorphosis and other miracles


There are times when you just have to pause and wonder at nature…

About two weeks ago Shawn came home with a box of caterpillars, very hungry ones in fact, from the people he is building for. We have a lot of Milkweed around here, so Mo and I fed them and within 2 days they had wrapped themselves up into a chrysalis. We have been watching the whole thing with wonder… and today, the first butterfly made its appearance. I was in the kitchen getting our stuff ready to go to the pool and Mo comes running in from the back room shouting, “mom, mom, the butterfly hatched and it is BEAUTIFUL!”. SO we carefully removed it from the covered box and delivered it to the garden, where it flew from Mo’s hand immediately.

It was amazing.

And then, I look at my children – in five months Zaley has become her own little girl – talk about metamorphosis –

from a purple, perfectly squished newborn to this beautiful child I cannot take my eyes off of.

Then there is Mo, who, just yesterday had his own special words for bugs, who was just learning to talk and walk…

is now a full-fledged boy. He will be FIVE soon, and I cannot believe it. I am not sure where the time goes, but it does.


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