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New Book – Tooter’s Stinky Wish


I am please to announce my upcoming book – Tooter’s Stinky Wish, by Brian Cretney, published by

Fitzhenry and Whiteside. Coming this spring to a bookstore near you! Loved working on this book – fantastic art direction and great story – look for it soon!

Valentines and the Value of reading with Dad.

It used to be that bedtime was a family ritual, that is, before there were four of us. We would take turns reading, all snuggled into our sons double bed. We’d tell stories in the dark and it was our time together, to end the day. When our daughter was born, I had to leave this cosy time – and join another one. Now, at bedtime, I listen to my husband and son reading together as I quietly nursnuggle (thanks Elaine) my little one… and I am amazed. The power a dad has when he reads with a child, esp a boy – is tremendous. He waits patiently for him to sound out the words. He reads the books that our son chooses and he never gets sucked into ‘just one more book’. It is three Picture books, or chapters from a ‘big kid book’. As I lie there, I think – he is teaching him – and doing it so well.

I miss it, and part of me looks forward to the time we can go back and forth, getting each child’s special time – but for now, I will listen. It brings tears to my eyes I love it so much.

Then there is Valentine’s day – and I wonder – when did loot bags start getting handed out? Seriously people! Kids don’t need that junk, you know. However, I did bake cookies – lol. So I guess I am just as bad. Mo and I worked on valentines on monday (not a school day). I did give him the option of going in to ‘buy’ some, and he said NO. “Homemade one’s are better, and we don’t need to go shopping every day!” Amen to that little wise man. I will keep that one close.

Our NEw Space

Layers and layers of old wallpaper and boards, only to find a sketchy structure underneath… and a century worth of squirrel nests, and one not so lucky, kind of petrified, squirrel. That is what you get for chewing on wires. I can say we have truly evicted them from our house, for awhile there I was afraid they might never leave.

I am so excited I can barely stand it. The above pictures are what the room looked like before (was supposed to be an easy reno – lol) will be my new studio and craft room for the kids. This is amazing, as we have everything in the living room and kitchen since our daughter was born almost a year ago and took the space I was working in upstairs. My husband is an awesome carpenter, and this room would have been done a long time ago if it wasn’t for the complete rebuild of all the walls due to rot and poor structure. Our house is almost 100 years old, and nothing is square and all the renos before this were really sloppy. THey are not now. Soon, there will be tile – and then trim and paint and we’ll be off to the races. Included in this area (but not in the picture) is also a mud room complete with a closet and cubbies for all our things that have no home! I cannot wait to get the hooks off the walls and the coats and shoes into their very own home. Old houses seriously lack closets, and we currently have ONE. So Yippee, Skippee, hooray. I can’t wait to move in.

On goodbyes and friendship.


About 6 years ago, I was at the OEYC here in Napanee. I did not know anyone, had a small and demanding baby and was feeling quite lost and lonely during the day. There were not too many people I felt I could connect with, not too many breastfeeding moms, and it seemed my other parenting philosophies also put me in the minority.

But, I saw a few other women and for some reason I wanted to befriend them… and so, I did. The rest  as they say – is history. There were 5 of us in the beginning, going to aquafit with our kids, exercise class, baby yoga, Snoezelin rooming, many picnics in the park and at each others houses. We’ve shared our heartbreak, our pain, our happiness, our homes, our fears and our triumphs. We have offered each other our undying support and shoulders for crying, laughing or resting heads. We’ve used our hips to carry each others children when extra help was needed. We have our trust. We have our friendship.

Last year we saw one of our group move to Holland. It was sad for us, but they have made their way very well. And we are glad of it but still miss them.

Today, another dear friend moves to the USA for a great opportunity for her husband and family. I cannot express in words how much she is going to be missed. She is the one I called in tears the first day my boy got on the bus. She sang for us at our wedding. She is someone I could always count on, who liked my kids and did not mind doing me a favour watching them. Someone who guided me when it came to cloth diapers (and saved me a pile of money by passing hers on). Someone who is always ready with a hug, and no judgement. I could go on…

Their moving leaves a big hole in our everyday lives. The energy of the boys, the photos her husband is sooo good at taking and, well – her friendship. I wish them well and I know we will see them in the future – but it will be difficult to just call and say, “Hey, wanna meet at the park for a picnic?”

We love you guys. Good luck in NY.