Baby steps and BIG inspiration


On Saturday, our friend Trina asked if we would come and cheer her on for her 5km run. Of course we would (with signs too – that’s me on the right with two heads). I have been on the cusp of a lifestyle change for awhile now, but let me tell you… watching Trina, who I know has worked so hard over this last year run the 5 km was inspiring (and so were the other women I know from all sorts of other places) – so, tonight I joined her at Boot Camp where I worked harder than I have in a long time. I have always considered myself a fit person – always being the me before children. I, like many other moms just forgot about me, and what I need to feel good. No more. I pledge, to take the time I need to be ME. I am sore all over, but I feel wonderful. I feel like I am on the way to myself again. So, I thank you Trina, and my sister… for inspiring me to feel good again.


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