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Typing and Rocking at the same time…


On a rainy day we set up a little tent in our living room. I went upstairs with Zaley and when I came down mo had moved all the craft stuff into the tent and was making a piggy bank.

… this is what we’ve been doing outside instead of gardening…

Dancing in puddles – need I say more?

So, it has been awhile. I have to say life is BUSY. But good. I’ve been working on a friends wedding invite package and my printer is so unbearably slow it is driving me nutty. I am sitting here, typing, rocking my babe with my foot and ignoring the dishes in the sink – though soon they will come to get me.

It is a beautiful day out – but the BLACKFLIES have started up already. This morning Mo and I were kicking the ball around and they were already biting. UGH. We have not yet started on the planting in the garden yet – and it seems late – though it is still only April – so I think I can take that one a bit slower. Things are a LOT harder to get around to with a busy 4 year old and a baby who can only tolerate being outside for so long… She is wonderful for sure, but at 7 weeks she spends an average of 2-4 hours outside a day… is that too much?

Thing is, I NEED to be out, right now it is killing me being inside, but I have work to do, so here I am. We will be going for a walk shortly though I think – and hopefully I will move fast enough to get away from the bugs.

As for cloth diapering – we are still at it! Though I must confess, I have switched to disposables at night… she sleeps much better, thus – so do I. Hopefully we can switch back again, but for now we are in survival mode and sleep is key. One thing I do have to say though is – cloth diapers never blow out. I think I have already saved several loads of laundry from blowouts that cover everything (including me) – so another point for cloth.

And, last night I actually got to sketch, only for 5 minutes, but it is a start. We are figuring out how to get both the kiddies down by 8:00… tricky, but we’re getting there. Once that happens perhaps some of my brain will return home and I can think again!


24 hours of cloth diapering


Cloth diapering is something I planned on doing with my first. Until our well dried up that fall, and doing any laundry consisted of trekking to a laundromat. So, when we got pregnant with our little girl I felt like it could be redemption time. So, I researched. I looked everywhere. I found my ‘guru’ in very close friend who has successfully, and consistently had both her boys in cloth diapers.

They loaned me some and I bought some used over the internet. All are in great shape and so soft. I have tried Kushies, and did not like them, and a few others – but these ones are the Sandy MotherEase model. They are awesome. So yesterday, knowing I would be home for the next 24 hours I thought I would give it a go. Up until now I had been using them, but only when convenient. Youknow, it got easier and easier throughout the day to use them. And then I ran out, I have about 16 diapers right now. Not enough for a newborn who pees and poops constantly. She seemed very comfortable in them, and once I got used to her having a giant bum – they looked really sweet. The only thing is, as soon as she goes, she freaks… she HATES being wet. Good for toddler potty training, not so great for a newborn, it made her slightly grumpy.

Anyway, suffice to say, I loved it – and I am proud of making it through the day. Not to mention I felt guilty whenI had to used the PC green Disposables again. I need a few more diapers, though I may go a size up, since at 5 weeks she is already 12 lbs. The bummis wraps are so sweet, but the small barely fits! So now I need to contact my diaper lady and see what she has for me now… I want to find the flowered bummi wraps…

My little boy is also so proud… he loves to help with the wraps and says every time – see mom, we just saved a garbage diaper : )

Thanks Elaine.