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Day One: Marysville P.S. Wolfe Island

Finishing up my first day of a two-day literacy workshop at Marysville Public School. Digesting what I learned, and hoping that the kids had fun. They certainly were excited! We’re re-telling the folk tale the Enormous Potato… what they came up with was awesome – A leprochaun stuck in a pot of gold, the earth getting stuck in a black hole, an a moose stuck in a tree.. today they brainstormed, worked out the stories and started sketching – they are looking good!

A lovely school, small and intimate. Lovely teachers, funny kids. Looking forward to painting on Wednesday.

This is the first time I’ve done such a large group – so I hope it turns out well!


Batman, Star Wars and catching frogs


We believe that a lot of movies – particularly the more violent ones – are not for little kids. Just a personal feeling that they are not really appropriate – ie. the ratings. Today, Mo came home talking about how he was playing at recess with the boys and they were playing Batman and Star Wars and he had no idea what they were. He played along for awhile, but the jig was soon up. Then, once again – he played by himself. Let me preface this and say – he JUST turned five.

Are we hampering his social development by making him the ‘different’ kid on the playground? Is his childhood going to be like mine? Amazing at home and terrible in the school yard? What are we to do? We read Roahl Dahl books (dark indeed), do not filter information about death and sickness, but explain it when asked. He watches the news with us, and we tell him the truth. He knows where his food comes from and where babies come from… and yet I feel like maybe, maybe we SHOULD let him watch these movies.

Then, this past weekend, we were at a beautiful wedding at Camp Wanakita. My Tent Sisters were there – fellow wild women of the woods (one was getting married), and my friends little guy – well – he is JUST LIKE mine. They played non-stop, in the sand, in the creek, in the trees. Not one mention of movies or superheroes, they talked bird calls and cool rocks. Too bad he lives all the way in Nelson, BC. They performed their made-up songs on the stage and ran themselves ragged at the party. SO neat to see, Mo has great friends – better than great friends, but this connection is was a rare jewel.

So, I guess, there has to be some sort of happy medium – but where is it exactly? In the meantime, well walk in the woods and enjoy some wholesome time – and let him just be a kid. Soon enough he will start arguing to watch things we don’t agree with.

Felting Soap with a 4 Year old


I stumbled upon this great craft to do with kids. I am always on the lookout for something new and crafty that a young child can do with some success and minimal intervention from me. SO this morning we sat down to do this:
(You can find links with directions all over the web – as well as amazing examples from folks who do this for a living… I think we’ll just keep it in the family, but we will definitely be making more in the very near future. If you do not have a barrel of felt lying around you can buy kits here:

We bought some beautiful locally made soaps (goat’s milk and pomegranate) at the Roblin General Store, chopped them in half and set about wrapping them up with the piles of felt I do have actually lying around… about an hour later we had these beautiful little gifts for Mo’s loves and he was having a blast with the bowl full of water and the bamboo mat – which became a marvelous bridge for his vehicles, and just tippy enough for them to fall in and need rescuing. So by the end, we were clean, the cars were clean and together we made something beautiful. At least I think they are.