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Valentines and the Value of reading with Dad.

It used to be that bedtime was a family ritual, that is, before there were four of us. We would take turns reading, all snuggled into our sons double bed. We’d tell stories in the dark and it was our time together, to end the day. When our daughter was born, I had to leave this cosy time – and join another one. Now, at bedtime, I listen to my husband and son reading together as I quietly nursnuggle (thanks Elaine) my little one… and I am amazed. The power a dad has when he reads with a child, esp a boy – is tremendous. He waits patiently for him to sound out the words. He reads the books that our son chooses and he never gets sucked into ‘just one more book’. It is three Picture books, or chapters from a ‘big kid book’. As I lie there, I think – he is teaching him – and doing it so well.

I miss it, and part of me looks forward to the time we can go back and forth, getting each child’s special time – but for now, I will listen. It brings tears to my eyes I love it so much.

Then there is Valentine’s day – and I wonder – when did loot bags start getting handed out? Seriously people! Kids don’t need that junk, you know. However, I did bake cookies – lol. So I guess I am just as bad. Mo and I worked on valentines on monday (not a school day). I did give him the option of going in to ‘buy’ some, and he said NO. “Homemade one’s are better, and we don’t need to go shopping every day!” Amen to that little wise man. I will keep that one close.


Day Two – Marysville P.S. Literacy Workshop

Day two at Marysville PS was… awesome. The work the kids did was fantastic, and it seemed like they were having lots of fun. I Hope to have some pictures to show, but painting silly things in front of 16 kids at a time is thrilling, and then watching them go back and use what you have shown them is even more so. So, I thank the school for having me – and if you would like me to create a program to fit within your curriculum – drop me a line!

Today I was at Family Space in Belleville – what a place! Belleville has to win hands-down as the most family friendly city. With the family bathrooms at the mall, awesome parks/skate parks… and Family Space, many rooms, lots of staff, fantastic programs – all under one roof. And to top it all off, one of Mo’s favourite teachers froim his days at Loyalist works there. It was so nice to see her – and we will be going back to visit soon.

Tomorrow, we head to the Napanee Early Years Centre for one more reading for literacy week. I have to say – it has been fun, but I am TIRED, and I need some time at home to clean my house!