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Moments of Weakness, forgetfulness and general ineptitude…


We all have them.

I, for one, am completely disorganized right now. I could blame it on baby brain, really it has gotten much, much. much worse than it was. Perhaps it is the late nights I am pulling trying to get everything done. Perhaps it is the lack of sleep from going to the bathroom every five minutes. I am not sure, anyway, things are getting lost along the way. I have failed to recognize that I cannot continue the pace I worked prior to getting pregnant with #2, and to add to it all, I GROSSLY underestimated the volume of work involved in being a college professor. Which, I also need to add – I ABSOLUTELY Love, and would love even more if it weren’t sandwiched into my full-time job. I got my feet wet this semester, and I am hooked.

So, now, let’s just say I am doing some serious catch up.

I am late on some book illustrations – and I am feeling just terrible about it. I had a bout with a BAAAD flu in the midst of it and was out of commission for over a month, and I am still not convinced I have fully recovered. This is the first time anything like this has happened… and I am contrite. They are nearing the finished state for sure, but I really feel like I let the publisher down.

I have many manuscripts and dummys ‘hanging’… I think they may have to wait until after baby is born and my head is slightly clearer (haha).

Christmas cards – usually a highlight of my holidays – I have yet to send any out. Now it is too late, so I will be doing an e-card version – hopefully everyone will understand.

And then there is the living, I need time with my son, and my husband. This is some of the fruits of our labour this weekend… more felted soap. I am hooked on this craft too. These are so soft and lovely in the tub – natural exfoliation… just amazing.


And I require outside time, in a big bad way. So on Sunday, which was lovely – after spending the entire morning crafting with my son – we went for an epic walk… during which I suffered some serious braxton hicks contractions… and my little guy came over and kissed my tummy to make it feel better. Only 8 more weeks to go till our baby girl is due, and I am trying not to panic about the state of our house. These holidays are going to be mostly dedicated to getting set up for the little one – for me anyway. Shawn is going to continue his renovation work on our back room – he says we may even have our new windows in next week. I can’t wait.