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the Fatou Storysack…


I love these storysacks. And I loved illustrating this story. to preorder one now. There are also lots of teacher/parent resources on the website for downloading!


Another Gambia piece with cut paper…


I can see this getting addicting, and since it is only mildly dangerous – so what?
Dangerous only because I am slightly reckless with knives. I did, once, in a job interview, saw off part of my thumb with a knife while cutting lettuce. Strangely enough they offered the job anyway. Beginning of the boom in alberta where they just needed people I suppose. I was a cook for a long time though and I do still have all my fingers!

So, aside from that disgusting diversion, here is the latest piece in my quest for clothing of cut paper. The faces are done in gouache, background in acrylic and clothing in cut paper.

Sticking and Painting


This is so much fun – and SO very different for me.. but here we are. This is after a couple of hours of painting and experimenting. These are photos, not scans, so in actuality the images are a bit brighter, but hey – this shows what I am doing. This paper is so gorgeous, I am thrilled to be able to use it. This is the first time ever I’ve been excited to show a work in progress.