Monthly Archives: August 2009

a new piece…


Another piece for the book set in Gambia for my UK publisher. The
fabric is all tiny bits and bigger bits of paper.


I just have to share…


I am a busting out proud momma. What can I say. This weekend, our son
(who is almost 4) drew this entry for the Chirp magazine Draw yourself
contest. He did it all by himself, name and everything, and well –
while it may not be extraordinary to anyone else, it completely blew
my mind. Little kids are amazing.

I love independent bookstores!


This weekend I had a reading at the Kent Bookstore in Lindsay. Like
Greenley's in Belleville, they had decorated the windows up with big
gerbera daisies, and a GIANT almost 4 x 4 foot blow up of my
cover… it was a hot, hot day, but the kids that came were
enthusiastic and it was actually really nice. It was the first event
where I got to spend almost all my time with the kids, doing silly
little drawings and talking about all the other books they love… I
got a great view into the heart of a pre-teen reader who loves
fairies. It was a great visit, and I will be going back there again in
the winter when in the snow launches in November. DId I mention they
sold 35 books? Fun stuff. Those places make me wish I worked in an
indie bookstore.

Book review Wednesday – JULIUS – the baby of the world


Ok, at first I have to say I was troubled by some of the language in
this book – particularly the word ' hate'… but I have to say that
now I love it. I really do. We are expecting our second child, and our
son is almost four and having a bit of a struggle with the idea of
sharing his parents with anyone. he has come up with all sorts of
plans involving rockets, fire trucks and police cars – oh yeah, and
tape. None of them violent ideas I might add, more just the relocation
of the baby once it is born in nice safe vehicles. He's being quite
crafty actually, and I should commend his creativity.

Anyway, this book is hilarious.

My little sister was born when I was four, and I remember how I felt
so distinctly, still to this day – 30 years later, that Lilly antics
just crack me up – and our son too. Warning pregnant mouse-ladies that
they will live to regret that bump under their dresses… the magic
tricks, the stories… if you have a good sense of humour, and can
remember what it was like when a new sibling came along – this is a
very funny book to read to help prepare for the inevitable.